Mt. Healthy Hatcheries is a Family Owned and Operated business founded in the mid-1920s by Hugh “Chick” O’Hara (a local pipefitter). He started by hatching just a few chicks in his basement for friends and neighbors. “Chick” handed the business down to his son Robert O’Hara, Sr. Bob ran the hatchery with his wife Dee and their six children helping out until 2006 when Bob turned the reins over to the third generation of O’Hara’s – Robert O’Hara, Jr. as President and Jeffrey O’Hara as Vice President. Today, Mt. Healthy Hatcheries boasts the employment of 6 O’Haras. Two of those are the great-grandchildren of “Chick” and are being primed to take over as the 4th generation.

On Friday the 13th in November of 1991, tragedy struck the hatchery by way of a fire that destroyed the entire operation. The hatchery was not operational year-round at that time so thankfully no birds or people were hurt. Sometimes when something terrible happens it’s because something good is going to come from it. We rebuilt bigger and better than ever. From those humble beginnings, Mt. Healthy Hatcheries has grown to produce over 3 million chicks, ducks, turkeys, and game birds annually.

Our success has been achieved through a combination of good old fashioned hard work, attention to detail and the use of the newest technologies in hatchery innovation.

Our mission

To fill every order with the Healthiest and Highest quality chicks possible.

We feel no other company can offer YOU this quality, experience, and service all at an affordable price.

Our hatchery

We are located at 9839 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231