Artisan Gold

Meet the Artisan - a rare and unique breed of turkey that's small in size and slow growing. With its striking black feathers and distinctive coloring on its face and feet, long black legs, and pronounced beak, the Artisan is a true standout. These birds thrive in free-range or custom environments where they can express their natural tendencies to roam and roost. They offer a robust, gamey taste that's unlike anything you'll find in the traditional turkey market. Because of their uncommon characteristics and unique flavor profile, the Artisan is a perfect choice for any farm or dinner table. Despite their smaller size and slower growth, their meat is incredibly flavorful and sure to impress any food enthusiast. It's important to note that Artisan turkeys are not bred for reproduction. At Mt Healthy Hatcheries, we're proud to offer this rare and exceptional breed. Order your Artisan turkeys today and experience a flavor that's truly one-of-a-kind.
Artisan Gold produces 0 Cream eggs per year.
1 - 24$12.60
25 - 49$12.25
50 - 99$11.05
Turkeys require a minimum quantity of 15 to ship, you may mix breeds of the same species.
Please understand every effort will be made to accommodate the ship date requested. If for some reason this is not possible you will be notified, and we will book for the next available date.
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