ISA Brown

A breed that has proven its performance in the poultry word – this is your commercial brown egg layer. They are exceptional medium-dark brown egg layers. They are a small framed bird that excels in feed-to-egg efficiency. ISA Browns are sex-linked making sexing a breeze. Hens are a rust color with lighter highlights generally in the cape, wings, tail and fluff; roosters will have the reverse coloring. They are an adaptable breed that can tolerate confinement or free range, and a steadfast producer of large to extra-large eggs.
ISA Brown produces 315 Brown eggs per year.
1 - 24$4.35$6.70$5.70
25 - 49$3.40$4.75$4.00
50 - 99$2.65$4.30$3.35
Chickens require a minimum quantity of 10 to ship, you may mix breeds of the same species.
Please understand every effort will be made to accommodate the ship date requested. If for some reason this is not possible you will be notified, and we will book for the next available date.
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