Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte

More than just ornamental, Wyandottes have been barnyard essentials for generations. These cold-hardy birds feature deep, wide bodies, dense feathers, and a small rose comb, making them well-suited for chilly climates. Hens are docile, efficient layers of brown eggs, while roosters can be assertive protectors. The modern Wyandotte thrives in various settings, earning its reputation as a dual-purpose, sustainable breed. 'Lacing' in chicken plumage refers to a delicate edging or outlining of one color on each feather, creating a distinct and intricate pattern. This coloration a gold base color with a slate blue-gray outline around each feather. Note: Between April 1st and October 1st, Mt. Healthy Hatcheries has a minimum shipping requirement of 3 birds (instead of the usual 10). If you order 3 chicks to ship outside of April 1st - October 1st, the order may be delayed or shipped with cockerels for warmth, as decided by Mt. Healthy Hatcheries.
Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte produces 225 Brown eggs per year.
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