Chocolate Laced Gold Orpington

The Orpington is the ideal choice for beginners looking to add a friendly companion to their flock. Renowned for their pet-like, docile nature, these sizeable and curvy birds boast loose, fluffy feathers. Handling them is a breeze – they often enjoy the attention! While hens are known to go broody, they are excellent layers of brown eggs and make exceptional mothers. 'Lacing' in chicken plumage refers to a delicate edging or outlining of one color on each feather, creating a distinct and intricate pattern. Chocolate Laced Gold Wyandottes have a Golden base feather color, with a warm brown outline around each feather. For those considering culinary pursuits, the Orpington rooster, with its heavy body and white skin, is a capable choice for a fryer. Whether you're seeking a gentle addition to your flock or exploring poultry for the kitchen, the Orpington brings versatility and amiability to your coop.
Chocolate Laced Gold Orpington produces 225 Brown eggs per year.
Chickens require a minimum quantity of 3 to ship, you may mix breeds of the same species.
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