Columbian Rock Cross

A Hybrid chicken bred from a Columbian Plymouth Rock Rooster and Rhode Island Red Hen. This robust, dual-purpose bird is known for its ability to efficiently produce eggs even in the coldest of climates. An excellent layer of cream-colored brown eggs with a calm good-natured disposition, this cross is a great choice for the family flock. The Columbian Rock cross bears a heavy resemblance to its male parent. These birds will not breed true. Note: Between April 1st and October 1st, Mt. Healthy Hatcheries has a minimum shipping requirement of 3 birds (instead of the usual 10). If you order 3 chicks to ship outside of April 1st - October 1st, the order may be delayed or shipped with cockerels for warmth, as decided by Mt. Healthy Hatcheries.
Columbian Rock Cross produces 315 Cream eggs per year.
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