Freedom Ranger

This slow-growing broiler is well-suited for more natural rearing methods, such as free-range or organic systems. They are active birds that enjoy being able to forage. Characteristics include yellow skin, shanks and beaks along with mostly red feathering, including a small percentage of tri-color birds. Also known as: Red Ranger, Ranger Growth chart provided is for reference only. Individual results can vary greatly based on feeding programs, environmental factors, health, etc. Note: Between April 1st and October 1st, Mt. Healthy Hatcheries has a minimum shipping requirement of 3 birds (instead of the usual 10). If you order 3 chicks to ship outside of April 1st - October 1st, the order may be delayed or shipped with cockerels for warmth, as decided by Mt. Healthy Hatcheries.
Freedom Ranger produces 100 Brown eggs per year.
1 - 24$5.20
25 - 49$4.05
50 - 99$3.30
Chickens require a minimum quantity of 3 to ship, you may mix breeds of the same species.
Please understand every effort will be made to accommodate the ship date requested. If for some reason this is not possible you will be notified, and we will book for the next available date.
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