Isbar/Silverrudd Blue

Meet the (formerly) Isbar, now known as Silverudd's Blue Chicken – not just a feast for the eyes, but a practical addition to your flock. Sporting distinctive silver and blue plumage, these chickens are of medium size, making them easy to manage in various settings. Renowned for their friendly demeanor, they bring both charm and practicality to your coop. In addition to their striking appearance, Silverudd's Blue Chickens are prolific layers, producing a substantial number of large eggs. The eggs, with hues ranging from light blue to green, add a colorful twist to your daily egg collection. These chickens seamlessly blend beauty and functionality, making them a standout choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and reliable egg production in their poultry companions.
Isbar/Silverrudd Blue produces 200 Olive/Green eggs per year.
Chickens require a minimum quantity of 3 to ship, you may mix breeds of the same species.
Please understand every effort will be made to accommodate the ship date requested. If for some reason this is not possible you will be notified, and we will book for the next available date.
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